It’s been a whole year since Parisian Gumbo was started.  As per usual, life is completely different already.


I’ve seen some amazing art.  One exhibition that stands out in my mind is the Dark Romanticism at Musée d’Orsay.  Many of the paintings were inspired by Dante’s Inferno and were absolutely beautiful; some I would say were even sensual.



Craigslist has been a source of many interesting experiences.  There are three notable experiences: selling popcorn at a Communist Festival, selling popcorn to Pierce Brosnan, and finding my current roommate/apartment.  The important lessons learned: Texan products and Communists don’t mix, Pierce Brosnan’s wife is not as sexy as one would anticipate, and that one must be incredibly selective about where to live and with whom.


I had my first French dentist appointment and it went quite well.  It’s still amusing that I was excited to pay a mere 30 euros for a visit, x-ray, and cleaning while the dentist was appalled that I was paying out of my own pocket in cash and not expecting France to pay for the visit.  *sigh*  I need to apply for my Carte Vitale, actually, as I cannot use the mutuelle (health insurance) that I am paying for until I get my evil socialist health card.


I’ve recently come into contact with two very funny French films that were suggested to me by a student- L’Auberge Espagnole and Les Poupees Russes.  Watch them.  Love them.


I’ve come to enjoy buying the food from the Traiteur Asiatique.  It’s cheap and a fun gamble.


Groupon has actually fallen out of favor with me.  Yep.  Just not that interested anymore…


My immigration has become a bit more complicated as I am no longer in a relationship with Guillaume.  I am maintaining my carte de vie privee et familiale, but it would be super nice to change it to salarie and be truly independent.  Just three more years until I can apply for a 10-year residency card and/or citizenship.



My French is really going to shit.  That’s what happens when you remove yourself from a life filled with a foreign language and return to your native one.  My English has improved; I’ve learned loads of British slang and can properly use the present perfect unlike my fellow Americans.

Mardi Gras

There have been no major improvements on Mardi Gras in Paris.  Maybe next year I’ll go to the festival in Dunkerque.


I’ve learned to appreciate Caravane Palace, Parov Stelar, and anything my neighbor has introduced to me that I don’t know the name of at this point.  I’m headed to the Sonny Rollins concert in November, have skipped Fete de la Musique again, and have become intensely more involved with playing my violin.  I’ve played a wedding and have begun rehearsing with a folk group.


I finally participated in a manifestation and witnessed Fete de l’Humanite.  My neighbor was trying to pull me into Communism and then he himself dropped any and all political affiliations.  This should really be under the topic of economics, but it’s been good learning about La Loi 73-7, Milton Friedman, and Keynesian economics.


On another note, I was sad to see all of the manifestations against gay marriage.  WTF, France?  I thought you were smarter than that…


The latest rant would be about my roommate.  You know, I lived in The Mansion in Hattiesburg and still, never have I met someone this disturbing and disgusting.  I’ll be moving out in the next two months.

Road Trip

A road trip has been planned for the first weekend of July.  Some of my closest friends and I will be headed to Germany for a debaucherous 48 hours.  Will keep you posted!


France considered changing les rhythmes scolaire.  Children might actually have to attend school on Wednesdays now for half a day.  Whoa.


The craziest tourists you’ll find in Paris are returning in July-   MY FAMILY!  I cannot wait until they are here.  It’s going to be a fun time and they’ll finally be combined with the people I care about here in Paris.


Donc, voila.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Parisian Gumbo!!!

  1. Well never did learn French like I was supposed to. Guess I will be a dumb American this year. Picked up your beef jerky the other day. See you soon!!!!

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