JOLY_EVA-WEB    Eva Joly


Eva Joly is one of the truly remarkable women in today’s world and one of my personal heroes.  She was born in Oslo and came to France in the early 60s.  At the tender age of 20, she began her life as an au pair.

What’s an au pair???   The duties of an au pair are to look after someone’s children in exchange for a free place to live and a minimal income.  When I say minimal, I mean some amount equivalent to the allowance of a 12 year old.

Joly later got work as a secretary and took night classes.  By the time she was 38, she had become a magistrate and in 1990 joined the High Court of Paris as an investigating judge.

Since then, she’s been exposing corruption and ensuring that the criminals are indicted, fights for the environment, and was even a French presidential candidate in 2012.

Eva Joly, you keep fighting the good fight; it’s relieving to see the good person win.



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