This advertisement has recently become ubiquitous in Paris; it can be found in the métro, in printed media, and on signs around the city.  While a good friend of mine enjoys checking out the model’s sexy abs, I actually had not initially noticed that rock hard six-pack.  The first thing I noticed was that polar bear head.

It kind of just looked like a severed polar bear head until I later realized that the model is on a full rug.

The advertisement is a blatant reminder that many people are completely oblivious or indifferent to the fact that the earth is going to shit.

The fragrance is produced, shipped, and delivered contributing to the greenhouse gases that will reduce the polar bear population by 2/3rds by the year 2050, all so that the consumer can spend his money on a posh commodity after being influenced to purchase it by a mostly naked dude seducing us with his come-hither stare on an animal that could very well become extinct this century.

And global warming is not affecting just the animals on ice, it’s also threatening many people’s way of life.
In my next post, I’ll be exploring French speaking communities in Louisiana who have been displaced and can effectively be called “climate refugees.”



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