With the recent acquisition of a real job, I’ve regained much of the strength, happiness, and energy that had been sucked out of me during my times of inactivity and otherwise ludicrous amounts of babysitting of some of the best (and absolute worst) children I’ve ever met.

Towards the end of last year, I’d begun teaching violin/babysitting in Quartier de la Folie-Méricourt and became familiar with the area… and loved it.  I knew that one day, I’d go bar hopping there.

On the line between Folie-Méricourt and Saint–Ambrose lies Rue Oberkampf.  One can exit métro Ménilmontant or Saint-Maur on a Friday or Saturday night and be transported into a lively night scene that cannot be found just anywhere in Paris.

Kayla and I worked our way down the street entering bars, sometimes staying for a bit, and sometimes leaving immediately.  We prefer fun, danceable music and dislike bars that cannot make a B-52 for us.

I couldn’t tell you where we went precisely.. but it doesn’t matter.  What strikes our fancy might not be the scene for you.  But, I can almost guarantee that you’ll find something you like there.

The main gains from the evening include: burning probably thousands of calories dancing for six hours, having a generally awesome night out, discovering Les Perfectos, and re-discovering L’Alimentation Générale.

In the penultimate bar, Kayla and I found a band playing 50s rock- all of the American standards!  After the show, I briefly talked to the guy who does the vocals/harmonica/percussion, Doc Lou, and it turns out that he’s been to the United States.  But, not just to the major cities like most tourists.  He took the time to visit Louisiana and the Mississippi Delta.  Imagine!  A French kid in the Delta.

At this point in time, it was 2 a.m. and it’s bar closing time.  Kayla finds me and says, “Hey- these guys want us to go with them to another bar that’s open late.” In an adventurous mood, I accepted the invitation to join.  We all made our way to L’Alimentation Générale and had fun discussions in French and English to discover that our new friends are vital to the workings of building– an architect, a lighting guy, a plumber, a financer.  And with their powers combined….  

They were really nice and Kayla and I had a great time dancing until far too late.  The boys grabbed a cab, Kayla and I hoofed it, and not before long, the métro was open again.

It was a rough night on the feet, but a badly needed night of adventure.


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