university-of-southern-mississippiThere has been a terrible tragedy in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Yesterday, on February 10th, a tornado tore through a place that I called home for nine years.  Many homes and important buildings were destroyed and by some amazing fate, nobody was injured.

It’s really strange discovering news of this magnitude while living across an ocean- news discovered through Facebook after I slept peacefully more than 4000 miles away.  It’s even more bizarre to see this news on the Facebook news feed mixed among updates about the mundane events of people who have no connection to Hattiesburg or USM.

Some of the buildings damaged the worst on USM’s campus are the music buildings.  There are countless memories there for a great number of people.  Even for myself, my memories began there in 1994 with summer orchestra camp- Premier!  

This awful occurence has caused me to reflect about the importance of Southern Miss on my life before I was a student there, how it impacted me while I was a student, and how it helped me form a life after receiving my degree.  Where would we be without Southern?

I shudder to think…


Picture #40 is our beloved FAB.


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