With the help of FUSAC magazine, I applied to several English teaching centers and was subjected to a number of interviews.  Each interview was a unique experience and generally positive.

Then, I finally found where I belong:  Wall Street Institute.  The office is professional and it seems as though the co-workers and management are extremely personable and fun.

I’ll be working in La Défense, which is a capitalist dream.  When one arrives by métro or RER, the exit brings the traveler into a mini-city of shops, grocery stores, tabacs, and you name it.  It’s a mecca of large business buildings and well dressed people.

But the fun doesn’t stop here… the Parisian gods sent me a gift.  Just as I was exiting the métro after acquiring my job, I encountered a little girl I used to babysit and her mom.  One of those moms who took advantage of my skills and education with little regard to my lack of right to work situation.  And, as a statement of my ability, it felt so good to say

I recently obtained the right to work and was hired today.  Yes, it’s a full-time job.



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