The Paris area has whole turkeys appearing in its boucheries; seemingly more so than last year.

Today’s picture is brought to you from the market in Neuilly-sur-Seine.  There is no pretense about where your meat came from and what it might have looked like before the animal’s untimely death.  In the States, unless you hunt the food yourself, the awareness of what is being consumed can often be forgotten.

Now… .to find someone with a large fryer…


7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving – France – 2012 – Part 1

      • I like to visit ancient places in Ireland; Drombeg stone circle in County Cork, the Piper’s stones in County Wicklow, Newgrange in County Meath and also the Hill of Tara as well as Poolnabroune in County Clare in the Burren. Ireland is covered in castles and ancient history. The Giant’s Causeway in Antrim is also most definately worth a visot and some day I would like to visit the beehive huts on Skellig Micheal off the Kerry coast. I will write a blog post later today and go into more detail. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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