Major departures are a fact of life for the American expat in Paris.  It’s a general statement, but unless the American is attached to someone in France for reasons of love, there’s a good chance the stay is temporary and a return to the motherland is inevitable.  The very first friend I made here, Dylan, just had his going away party last night at one of our favorite Parisian spots- Aux Petit Joueurs.  We normally enjoy the Wednesday night manouche, but due to scheduling, Dylan arranged for all of his friends to meet on a Saturday night, not knowing what music was to come.

The musical group playing this particular evening– http://www.myspace.com/odeia.music
The singer is a petite woman with a deep, soulful voice.  The violinist is versatile.  The cellist is the most involved musician I’ve ever seen and the bassist strong.  They indulged in the experimental, slavic, and had even mastered the sound of Americana.

Along with some fun music came an evening of good food, good people, and conversation in three different languages.  Dylan has been in Paris working on post-doctoral physics research and many of his colleagues are Italian.  The Italians gave me lessons on hand gestures and how the accents are different in every city.

It’s really sad to see my very first friend go.
Maybe it’s time to make more French friends.



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