I think that the one thing most Americans can agree on politically is that the presidential election is finally over.  It was quite nice not having to watch any political ads, but I did feel the tension through caustic debates and disheartening opinions on my Facebook feed.  Now, I get to chuckle at the juxtaposed status updates of triumph and the defeated’s wishes of moving to Canada and, the best I saw… South America.

What is most intriguing, though, is how much the world really does watch the United States.  It felt as though this election was covered in the same detail in France as its own election was this year.

In fact, the little magazine I read in the métro everyday did its own informal poll.  If the French were to vote for the American president, who would they choose?


It just goes to show in comparison where America is on the political spectrum; even 75% of the RIGHT would have voted for Obama.

Although, I do see some signs of improvement back home. What’s this about Colorado and Washington legalizing marijuana?

They did it!


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