I’ve been in Paris for nearly two years now and thought that it was hopeless. No grill on a Sunday afternoon, no die hard fans, and no way to watch a game outside of a bar. Luckily, the French do enjoy American culture extensively, so I was informed of a website that will supply links to watch NFL games in the comfort of my own home.

I hooked up the laptop to the television, plugged the sound into the speakers, made my football food, and sat down for an intense evening of football spectatorship.


Finally !

Mmmm.. panko encrusted chicken bites with three different dipping sauces.

Now, the experience was very exciting for me, however, there was nobody on this particular day to share it with.  There’s no cool roommate whose name startes with Jeff and ends with awesome to yell at the television screen and make the calls before the refs do (with impressive accuracy, I might add).

Instead, I got stuck with Mr. Apathetic.

“Your football does not amuse me because I have a Galaxy S3000”

What kind of bizarre universe is this where the woman is excited that the game is on and the man is indifferent?

The Saints played an exciting opening game against the Redskins, but lost.
Next time, Gadget, next time.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to watch this upcoming Sunday because I’ll be here working — > http://fete.humanite.fr/




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