People of America, what do you think of when you hear the word illegal immigrant?  Are you compassionate and wonder why someone would risk their lives to live in the United States, or do you immediately think of words such as criminal, Mexican, job-stealer, etc…

Propaganda works well in the States if you believe that any of the above in this cartoon is true.
Let’s explore, shall we…

Here’s a video of Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks asserting that if we just got rid of the illegal immigrants, Americans would magically have jobs.

The Key to Job Creation

I especially love the part where Brooks is entirely unconcerned about what would happen to children who are legally American citizens who have parents who do not have citizenship and could face deportation. Of course, it’s entirely up to the parents to take care of their children. This could mean facing difficulties trying to remain intact in a nuclear family because of complications of returning to a home country or by having to leave a child with a legal family member. Republicans for family values!

The interviewer later mentions that many of the jobs illegal immigrants work are jobs that Americans don’t want to do, Brooks says, “Well I disagree with that, too.”

In response to that last statement, Congressman Brooks, here’s an article about YOUR STATE!


“…the agriculture positions pay well above minimum wage, but many Americans find them too “physically taxing” to perform.”

This personally makes me angry for reasons that I’ll explain later.

Continuing, I’d like to address the concerns that some people have about illegal immigrants living on our hard earned tax dollars through federal cash assistance to the poor.  It’s not true.
Yeah, that’s right.
It’s just not true.

How do I know?  The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act was passed in 1996.

The legislation also greatly limited funds available for unmarried parents under 18 and restricted any funding to immigrants (legal or illegal).”

Is it possible that illegal immigrants still have access to medicaid or welfare?  Sure.  There’s fraud and I don’t condone it.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a good source for statistics, but from what I’ve been reading, most welfare fraud deals with people accepting unreported income, supporting non-existent children, and other general lies.  Never do I see mentioned an issue about illegal immigration status.

Occasionally, there are some small victories.  The news recently has reported that federal judges have ruled that colleges cannot charge high out of state tuition fees to U.S. born children of illegal immigrants.
Man… all that free education!
And if you were concerned about immigrant children utilizing our public elementary and high schools, don’t worry.  Most of those schools are garbage anyway and the rich white folk will be sending their children to expensive private schools.  But, that’s another post for another day.  (And for the record, I do believe that many of the problems with America’s society are not from failing public schools, but from a failed social system in general).

Just look at that lazy South American…

And let’s not forget racism!
How often do you think a white person gets asked for their papers?  Or Asian?  Or anything else or any mix of ethnicity?  If I were Hispanic and living in Arizona, I think I would have to move out of sheer disgust.

Which brings me to….

On purpose.
I’m a dirty American stealing all of those jobs from the French like babysitting, selling salted caramel popcorn, and cleaning apartments.

Was I scared?  A little.  I didn’t travel outside of France until the day I went home to the United States to get my papers in order.  I also had to make sure I kept my nose clean and avoided doing anything remotely illegal that could get me caught.

But honestly, I’m a cute little white girl.  They’re not concerned about me– I’m not Romanian… I’m not African.

I legally reside in France now, but still do not have the right to work.  It is not pleasant.  I am often taken advantage of even when I have a degree and am obviously educated.  The competition to acquire non-declared jobs can be fierce and we sometimes have to settle for wages that are lower than what we deserve.

The legal route is not easy. Many people in the States think that everyone should just do it the “right, legal” way without understanding what that means. I once researched how to legally immigrate to the states for someone who wanted to work in NYC, and quite frankly, the information was severely lacking and looked even more confusing than my process here in France. And this process in France is expensive and confusing due to a lack of reliable information. I even have a French boyfriend to help who has a lawyer friend who will give advice in exchange for a home-cooked meal. I cannot imagine the hurdles people must go through to legally move to the United States.

And, quite frankly, I’d rather deal with these conditions than return to a nation where people can be asked for their papers, the majority of the populace is ill informed, and my rights as a woman are being increasingly restricted.

Keep fighting the good fight, immigrants!


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