Well, folks.  It’s that time again.  Wal-Mart’s out of water and beer, people are packing their clothes, and many are planning their parties.

After having lived through Katrina (which, I’ll admit ended up being a posh vacation for me), I wondered why anyone would invest their time and money in a home and belongings that will inevitably end up destroyed or seriously damaged.  It might take 30+ years to happen, but it will.  The only way I’d ever live in South Louisiana or the Mississippi Gulf Coast again is if I were renting a cheap little apartment and owned almost nothing beyond a car and anything that would fit into that car.

Reading my friends’ Facebook updates definitely puts me into the maelstrom of the moment, but once I step outside, Paris is having some nice weather.  Oh, that, and there are no major natural disasters here.  No fires, no tornadoes, no blizzards, and most dear to my heart, NO HURRICANES.

Well, maybe there was one extra-tropical cyclone…
But, I guarantee that the response was efficient.  Most importantly, there was a response.

Hurricane Isaac doesn’t appear to be very strong.  It might barely reach Category 2 when it hits land.  Some people will be affected, yes.  But, we can all see how the effects of Katrina are still looming in the minds of coastal Mississippians through the fear and over-preparation for a Hurricane most would have scoffed at just 7 years ago.

But, whoever said being over-prepared is a bad thing?


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