After having returned from the week and a half long road trip, I’ve been catching up on episodes of The Daily Show where Lewis Black was discussing the campaign ads on both the Obama and Romney sides.  I’ve been fortunate enough to live in France when the presidential election here and the one in the U.S. coincides so that I can easily compare and contrast the two.

I thought it’d be nice to share my favorite campaign ads that I saw on French television before the election.














Oh, wait.
There weren’t any campaign ads on the television.  In fact, 24 hours before election day (which is on a Sunday, by the way), the television isn’t even allowed to discuss specific candidates.

Americans, please turn off your televisions, find reputable sources of information, and do exercise your democratic right.  Think beyond party affiliations.  Remember that you have more than two candidates you can vote for.  Your guns and rhetoric won’t help you fight for your right to freedom and happiness; education and participation is what will get you started.


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