Day 6 was an intense day of travel.  We got a later start in Arles and actually toured the town where we were staying.  The center of Arles is an ancient town that contains incredibly tiny streets barely large enough for one car and a Roman ampitheater and ancient theatre that is older than Jesus himself.

The Romans really built things to last.

The temperature outside was far too warm for jeans, so we returned to the house to gather better clothes.  Our host was impressed that I can give Guillaume a piggy back ride with little problem.

Our next stop was Pont du Gard, which is the highest ancient Roman aqueduct.  We were surprised that parking would be 12 euros as we expected to just drive by, see it, and take a few pictures.  The area, however, is a huge tourist site with a museum, places to hike, and the ability to swim and kayak in the river.  We watched the people walk by, swim, and enjoyed the cool breeze on the tall bridge.

Upon trying to leave, the ticket machine tried to charge us 18 euros for parking, so that turned into another fiasco as Guillaume could not turn around and had to deal with moving the motorcycle as I returned to the corridor with the information center in order to pay.  That was a whole other adventure, but too painful to bother sharing.  We were finally on  our way.

We then went to Saint-Rémy-de-Provence to stop for some charcuterie.  This is another town where the center has small winding roads barely large enough for one car.  A band was setting up in front of the café where we ate and everyone was preparing for a festive evening.  The flies tried to join in and eat our food.  And us.

And then!  We went to Avignon for dinner.  Avignon’s town center is surrounded by what looks like a castle wall.  We were greeted by closed roads for the yearly Festival d’Avignon.  There were many fun sights to see on our way to grab some food; people were  performing in the street, advertising different theatre shows, and some selling useless items like foam lizards on a wire and mechanized bubble blowing devices.  Once again, pictures will come soon!

We saw some really amazing sights, enjoyed some back roads lined with farms and medieval structures, and had a fun time together.

France is a very beautiful country!



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