My birthday had a nice beginning.  Guillaume prepared a breakfast of sausage, bacon, and eggs.  While that might seem like a normal array of breakfast food, the one part that is exceptional is the bacon- it was American style bacon.  This is incredibly rare and much appreciated!!!  He then presented me with my “birthday cake” which was two strawberry tarts each with a candle.

But the best part of all– he did the dishes!!!

After our meal, we returned to the beach we had visited the previous day-  Plage Des Saintes Marie De La Mer.  However, we continued to a different section that was quieter, contained some horse poop, and tons of older lady boobs.  Due to there being far less people, we were able to set up close to the water.  Guillaume continued his romantic venture by presenting champaigne and peaches (the peaches were thoughtful because I had mentioned to him previously how I was craving them). It was a very relaxing and wonderful time.

Our next stop was the city of Marseille.  If Baz Luhrmann had been allowed to design an entire city on his own, I think Marseille would’ve been damn close to his vision; this definitely includes the comical looking hookers.

While I wasn’t impressed with the city in the daytime, I was incredibly blown away by dinner at La Grotte.  It is rare for me to have the opportunity to consume extremely fresh food in a restaurant.  We shared an entrée of tartare of tuna and salmon and had our glasses of red wine.  Next, Guillaume had a pizza with Figatelli et Brousse (which translates to some of the most delicious you’ll ever put in your mouth).  My plat was gambas and risotto.  After all this decadence, why stop there?  We went ahead with sharing a dame blanche- and it was topped with fresh, homemade whipped cream and had some super amazing fudge underneath.

Over indulgence!!!

So, after having been completely spoiled, we began our journey back to Arles.  But, there was one stop that was essential when we were rounding the curve around the mountain and saw the moon over the water.  There was a breathtaking sight of the moon, its reflection, and the large rocks in the sea.  Guillaume spent some time trying to capture the view with his camera and I must say, he did well.  (Pictures will come soon…)

It was my first night time ride outside of Paris on a motorcycle.  It’s cold, it’s fast, and it’s the closest feeling I’ve had during consciousness to the feeling of flying in a dream.  It’s also a little scary as a passenger.  I threw my head back to see the stars as there were many to see on those dark curvy roads.

There are a few birthdays that have remained in my memory throughout the years- particularly my 20th and 21st.  My 29th can now be added to that.


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