Yesterday was perfect!

Guillaume and I slept in, I fixed a good breakfast to get us going, and then we departed for our adventures.  The first stop was a beach on the Mediterranean; we ended up at Plages des Saintes Marie de la Mer.  Along the way, we passed plenty of marsh, places to ride horses (mmm… the scent of horsey poop), and little stands selling fruits and local products.  The stands are similar to the ones you can see between Hattiesburg, MS and Jackson, MS.  Or there are also some near Austin, TX.

The beach was very pretty and had a good number of people on it, but not to the point of being overcrowded.  We set up everything, bathed in the sun, and enjoyed the waters of the Mediterranean.  The water was a bit chilly, but Guillaume was impressed that I made it as far as waist-deep.

What was surprising was that there was a group of American guys not too far in front of us who must’ve been in their early 20s.  Even if I didn’t speak English, I would’ve known they are American due to their grandiose gestures and extremely loud mouths.  In fact, I wish I didn’t speak English at that time because their inane conversation slightly distracted me from my book.

Other interesting things to note are that I did see a pair of old lady boobs and for some reason, several small children were running around naked.

Despite the fact that the beach was super nice, we had to go in order to eat lunch and see at least one other site before ending the day.  For lunch, we chose a restaurant directly next to the beach and sat on the top terrace to enjoy the view.  It was a pretty place with very delicious food; Guillaume had his moules frites and I had gambas grillées.  For those of you not in the know, gambas are what look like to me, extremely large shrimp.  And, as per usual, we must get dessert!  There were many choices of ice cream desserts with loads of whipped cream on top.  I convinced Guillaume to share one with me (b/c quite frankly, neither of us need to eat an entire dessert!!!) and it was also superbe.

After lunch, we drove even farther south and stopped at a big hunk of salt.  Seriously!  I have now seen where sea salt comes from.  What was particularly interesting, though, is the fact that the water was pink.  Apparently, it comes from these tiny little shrimp creatures who feast on the salt.  On the side of where we parked, there was a little pond lined with salt.  Some little girl picked up a good size chunk to carry home, so I decided I wanted a chunk too!  Guillaume was horrified that I tasted the salt from the little pond, but I’ve probably put dirtier things in my mouth.  So, I too grabbed my rock of salt and enjoyed the pretty crystal formations that glisten in the sun.

This marked the end of our day because we had things to take care of.  Guillaume was planning my birthday breakfast and needed to go to the supermarket before it closed and I was ready to do some laundry.

I was even finally nice to our host and we sat and shared our wine with him and told him stories from our own previous travelling adventures.

So far, it was the best day.

Let’s see what day 5 brings!!!


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