Yesterday, we embarked on our adventure of riding a motorcycle in a loop of France. The weather was spectacular, the clouds looked like NES Super Mario Bros. clouds, and apparently there are as many sunflower fields here as there are corn fields in Iowa.

What was particularly amusing was passing by cars and my initial wondering of how the drivier had his/her foot propped on the dashboard like that only to get closer and see that it was a British vehicle. I often wonder if it’s incredibly disorienting to drive on the side of the road that is unfamiliar.

What was particularly nice is the fact that Guillaume has a motorcycle better suited for travel; with its two side cases, top case, and infintely more comfortable seat than the Honda Transalp, the 7 hour trek was not too bad.

However, there are some tips to remember for next time:

  • Be sure to make the helmet as comfortable as possible. Mine is a bit small and once squished my teeth in so badly I was convinced it was a medieval torture device. After having stuffed many scarves in an effort to stretch it a bit, the helmet was certainly wearable, but still had some issues on the left side.
  • As a passenger, hoodies are nice under the leather jacket. It provides a great place for the hands, which brings me to,
  • As a girl from Southern Mississippi, we put away our jackets and sweaters around April and they don’t come back out until sometime in October. This is not the case in Paris. It was quite chilly on the first leg of the trip and I had some purple fingernails going on.

On the last hour of the trip, the landscape changed and the weather got warmer. Sunflowers turned into vineyards and the one tree I can identify without fail appeared: the pine tree.

We’re currently staying in a place booked on Airbnb.com and while it resembles a dorm room, is cheap and located superbly; we’re directly next to La Grosse Cloche.
La Grosse Cloche

Today, we explore !


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