Craigslist is a means of survival for the girl who doesn’t have the right to work.  It also happens to be a place of morbid curiosity and bizarre treasures.

Today, we begin with a gentleman who is a mature male model.  While it’s nice to be confident about oneself, there should be a limit to what is shared online.  Warning: This picture is NOT work safe!

What Has Been Seen Cannot be Unseen

Then, while France is a safe haven for the religiously apathetic, occasionally we see some hints of fanaticism.  Apparently, Jesus is coming back to appear in the sky in order to cause one of the deadliest road accidents in the history of man.  Think of Jesus like the sun: don’t stare too long.

A Crash Course in Christianity

This picture just happens to remind me of my favorite opening sequence of the series Six Feet Under


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