So, maybe saying an “afternoon” is a bit of an exaggeration.

Yesterday, as I was promoting Country Popcorn at the brocante at Pont Alexandre III,  Pierce Brosnan and his family decided to spend a part of their afternoon at the market.  The first person to encounter him was my co-worker Ellen.  She attempted to give him a carte de réduction for the oh-so-delicious salted caramel popcorn and turned into a blithering fool mid-sentence when she realized who she was talking to.

The family shopped, stopped for un café, and even sampled the popcorn.  Most people were either blasé about Brosnan’s presence or at least respectful of his privacy, but of course, a mini-crowd of annoyance did form around the famous actor.  Somehow, the family encouraged the crazed fans to leave them be.

And then, finally, Pierce Brosnan and his family walked up the steps where Ellen and I were working.  I asked them if they tried the popcorn, and both Brosnan and his wife approved of its awesome flavor. I then wished them a good afternoon.

While it was a short exchange, we did have the pleasure of staring at Pierce Brosnan from above for a good 45 minutes and then actually being able to talk to him.

There are perks to being in Paris!


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