Memrise.com is a helpful website for anyone learning a new language or would like to become familiar with topics such as hobo symbols, the British Cabinet, and tropical fish.


So, you create an account, choose a topic, and begin learning.  You are presented with a series of flashcards where sometimes you choose from a multiple choice list or where you must produce the answer yourself.  When first learning the information, a “mem” is introduced; it could be a funny saying, a picture, or a video.  The idea is that the new information makes stronger connections to your previous knowledge which makes it more memorable.

If you’re competitive, the website does track your points and will compare you to others based on your progress that day, week, month, and throughout all of time.  Good luck catching up to someone with the username Dirck…

I’m not convinced one would necessarily become fluent in a new language with the use of Memrise, but the recognition of vocabulary is important.  However, nothing can replace being a part of the culture, hearing and understanding how the language actually works, and communicating with a native speaker.


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