Photo taken from: http://dknicholas.blogspot.fr/

Special thanks to my friend Nikki who invited me to watch a Film Conference with Bruno Delbonnel this past Monday evening.  For anyone not in the know, Delbonnel is a French cinematographer  who worked on films such as:

  • Amélie
  • Dark Shadows
  • Paris, Je t’aime (The Tuileries Part)
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Across the Universe
  • Faust

among others…

The technical talk went straight over my head.  I don’t know about cameras, effects, and any other anything I just don’t know about.  However, Delbonnel gave very thoughtful answers to his interviewers and audience members and provided information and advice that any general person could use and enjoy.  Now we know that the default métro station used in movies is often times Porte des Lilas, although the actual portrayed station could possibly be used, just shot only in the wee hours of 1-5 a.m.  He described how much fun it was to work on Amélie, what it was like to work with different directors, and intriguing details about the Harry Potter set and how working with a crew of 1,000 people is not much different than a crew of 40.

He concluded the conference with nice advice about not being afraid to make mistakes.  Afterall, he’s made every mistake possible.


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